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The Laveo team has upheld the unchanging values for years,

it enjoys friendly atmosphere and comprises kind and passionate people. Thanks to this, for years we have been able to say that our job is a fascinating adventure. If you want to be treated individually, like self-development and taking up new challenges, join our Laveo team.

We enable our employees to grow in a chosen direction.

Despite the fact that we are no longer a small team, today, there is over 80 employees working for Laveo, we still value the individuality of team members. We count on internal promotion, therefore our first choice is always recruitment within the team. The work in a team is stable, this is the job for long years.

We believe that diversity and creativity of the members of our team is the motor of Laveo brand

and allows for faster growth. if you are convinced that you will be as enthusiastic as we are, send you CV. The next step of the recruitment process is job interview. We will respect your time, probably one meeting will be enough for us to get to know you and decide on our cooperation. Remember that a job interview is a dialogue, therefore we encourage you to prepare yourself and write down some questions. We will be happy to answer them all.

We are convinced that everyone has a potential.

If you already know what is your talent, apply to one of our departments. The following, smaller teams contribute to the success of the Laveo brand: Sales Consultants Department, KAM department, Marketing, Product Managers Department, Accounting, Purchase, Export, Quality Control, Service, Warehouse, Customer Service. Use the form and apply to the department of your choice. If you haven’t discovered you passion yet, send us your CV, we will contact you when we are looking for someone like you.

We value the fact that you are the ambassador of Laveo brand.

That is why we would like you to know the novelties not only from the catalogues, but to have contact with them in your every-day life. In relation to this, when choosing Laveo products for you house, you will be able to use employee’s discounts. This will allow you to look at the product with customer’s eyes and better understand his or her needs, and help the brand to create innovative solutions.

We believe that the most important role is played by individual persons,

that is why, apart from you remuneration, you can count on additional benefits in the form of a bonus. We would like you to have nothing to worry about, including your health – you will be provided with medical coverage of Medicover. We will respect your free time during which you will be able to take up sports activities as part of Multisport card. Seeing how you improve yourself, we will participate in the costs of trainings and courses. When you develop, the whole brand develops, as well.

Internship at Laveo

If you are a student but you would like to enrich your experience and CV by taking up a temporary job, apply to a chosen department for an internship.

We are convinced that you will want to stay with us longer.

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Employment and career with Laveo

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If you feel this job is for you, do not hesitate. Send us your CV.


At this stage, we carefully examine all CVs submitted.

Contacting selected candidates

We will call the selected candidates and invite them to participate in the next stage of the recruitment process.


You will be invited to an interview. You will meet your immediate superior and see company premises.

Presentation of terms of cooperation

During a meeting, we will establish detailed terms and conditions of employment.


You will start to develop your professional career working for the Laveo brand.

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