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Golden colour in the batchroom


Trends and Inspirations

The golden color in interior design is undoubtedly the most fashionable trend of recent months. The biggest advantage of this color is that regardless of the form in which it appears, it always provides an elegant effect. If we want to lend a stylish look to our bathroom, it is worth thinking about golden accessories keeping in mind that they should be selected very carefully.


The golden color is very intense, which might suggest that it will not work well in combination with other “strong” colors. Nothing could be further from the truth. It looks great against the background of intense, deep, dark shades that bring out its shimmer.

The classic of the genre is its combination with black, but architects are more and more willing to combine the golden color with navy blue, burgundy, and bottle green. It is less common to see gold in the company of light colors, and these are mainly shades of gray.


Due to its specificity, the golden color, which, even in the brushed version, is characterized by glossiness, best presents itself against the backdrop of matt finishes. Golden details look great against the background of soft fabrics, such as velour. However, it is not advisable to use upholstered furniture while decorating a bathroom due to the presence of humidity. We can achieve a similar effect by applying matt paints and tiles in the arrangement.


The danger of using golden color in interiors is that it is not difficult to exaggerate. Before deciding on a golden wall, floor, or a bathtub, it is worth considering less invasive elements.

The most obvious but also the most impressive solution is golden fittings. The POLA series by Laveo includes models of faucets that allow a complete bathroom arrangement.

To enhance the effect, the faucet can be combined with a golden or black POLA washbasin, whose additional advantage, apart from its striking appearance, is functionality. The material used in the production – high grade 304 steel – makes it easy to keep clean and guarantees that the product will serve for many years.

A complement to the golden bathroom arrangement is – recently very fashionable – decorative washbasin traps. Thanks to such a variety of models and solutions, we can gradually saturate our interior with the golden color.

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